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Can you share a story with us about what brought you to this specific career path?


I remember always being artistic and wanted to be an Actress ever since I was little. Although I really realized I wanted to pursue Acting at a young age after watching the movie ET. I was watching it and feeling lonely because I was having trouble fitting in at school and making friends. As I was watching that movie, I seen Elliot having a hard time because his dad was gone. He was feeling lonely also. Then E.T. came and he felt what Elliot felt and they became friends. It was an uplifting movie to me. It was then I felt like someone or something would come along and help me and someone would also feel what I felt. I had a lot of hope after watching E.T! It was then I started thinking I want to make movies that inspire other people. I wanted to take part in giving people what movies gave me, hope. ET was so entertaining it made me laugh and cry and think about things differently. I think the movie has done so well for so long because the emphasis is on the relationship between E.T and Elliot, and that transcends time.

one on one interview with Joey and Ella lead Actress Jennifer Michele

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Anything you can tell us about the movie you’re filming now?


Yes! I Just finished Filming ! I really enjoyed playing Ella. She’s a girl that goes on a big Journey and discovers her voice, and gets past losing people she loves. Ella is a big

city girl that has to move out to the country because her mom passed away. She meets a Kangaroo named Joey, and a lot of cool stuff happens with her and Joey. There’s some Criminals in the film and Some action, and Ella likes a boy in the film. It was a really fun and exciting role to play. I hope people will like Ella. I thought she was fun, brave, silly and endearing. 

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“It’s about a kangaroo that gets separated from its movie,” Zamani related. “Through a series of events, the kangaroo gains some magical powers that enables it to grow much, much faster than naturally and also enables it to speak. “By chance, it also becomes best friends with Ella (played by Jennifer Michele). An adventure ensues, as the bad guys try to get hold the valuable kangaroo that’s now able to speak.” 

The formula is very similar to the classic Steve Spielberg movie, “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.” Lead actress Michele, who lives in Los Angeles, has acted since she was 4 years old and has appeared in several television series and movie shorts.

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Interview with Hollywood Actress Jennifer Michele

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Hi Jennifer, please tell us a little about you?


I am a girl who loves to see the beauty in things. I feel life is beautiful. I have grown up most of my life in California, in the Glendale Area of ( the greater Los Angeles ). I Love traveling and being an artist. I feel most at home when being creative. I love acting, directing, modeling, singing, dancing, and editing. I have always loved Art and Fashion. I also have a soft spot for animals.


Describe yourself in 3 words?


Compassionate , Dreamy, Determined


Name one your strengths?


I guess one of my big strengths is my how tenacious I can be.

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